14 Feb 2017
Very relaxing, nice to get away and just relax. Peaceful and beautiful. Definitely be back again!!
Andre & Cody.

25 January 2017
A very relaxing 4 days, so quiet and peaceful. Never get tired of coming here. Stay No. 10 we will be back soon. Thanks heaps guysfor looking after us.
Harry & Lorna High Wycombe

13 Jan 2017
Wonderful stay. Loved the bat action and the birds.
Shane & Niki, Maylands.

3 Jan 2017
Happy New Year !
Paul and Charmaine, Perth

2 Jan 2017
New Year re charge. Very peaceful, comfortablesetting- Happy Day !
Rick & Ness $1.60 Gosnells WA

1 Jan 2017
Very peaceful, nice place to get away from the hustle & bustle of the city. Happy New Year from
Josh and Amber. Scarborough WA

29 December 2016
Such a relaxing couple of days here, in beautiful surroundings. We loved the peace & quietand even saw some kangaroosas we sat in the hot tub!. Would love to come back some time!
Katy & James (Belfast, Ireland)

26 December 16
We said we would be back and we are glad to have returned. Relaxing as always. Thanks Again!
Dale & Sam (Alfred Cove)

24 December 2016
Thank you we had a lovely time andwill spread the word. Happy New Year!
Fanie&ErikaVanJoorsveld, Perth

19 December 2016
Our 20th wedding anniversary was so special that words could not do it justice. Thank you so muchfor the locationof rekindled love that was shared withnature. The spa was amazingand relaxing.
Jamie & Judy (Marangaroo)by way of (USA & Mauritius)

14 December 2016
Lovely stay. A map of the site would be helpful as we went for a walk,lovely setting – a bird guide& tree guide would be great but it’s allvery nice. Also can’t quite see TV from the spa- unlessyou move the couch (best place to watch test cricket) J
Neil & Tammy - Perth

8 December 2016
Amazingly peaceful place in the forest. Wonderful clean accommodation. Great place to discover god’s creation in nature and learn more about him. Godbless!
Grace & Paul

2 December 2016
With life so busy, to come here and stand, to feel the nature around you. The smells and sounds of the bushtouch your soul. Taking a walk to the river bank was some- what a challenge but we felt like kidsagainon an adventure.We love this placeand will be back again and again!!
Leeanne& Daniel, Rockingham WA

End of Spring !
Forrest Nymph from beyond (thanks for the shelterfrom the smokyfires. Remarkable. I plan to returnfor a visitwhen the frogare harmonisedby a conductorJ
01 December 2016

Good times all round. Definitely worth having a wine with ”Toni” (Antoinette) & Andrew Jr!! Thank you very much we will be back. John & Jess, Langford

24 November 2016
Thanks for a beautiful stay. The surroundings are so serene & calming. The spa was very relaxing!
Brooke & Brenden, Rockingham, WA

21 Novenber 2016
Great view friendly service, lovely wood fire place nice to relax in the spa and peaceful and quiet. Have to come again. Thankyou
Dom &Tarnee Mandurah, WA

18 November 2016
What a beautiful and special place so relaxing to be surrounded by so much nature. Sat in the spa without the lights and the jets and just watched the starsand listened to nature. – Bliss!!
Sam & Simon

15 November 2016
Simply delightful. Loved the spa! Such a peaceful getaway, thanks Andrew.
Anne & Mike, City Beach WA

13 November 2016
Great weekendlovely cabinloved the spa. Just beautiful 10 out of 10.Thank you we will be back.
Kim & Phil.

12 November 2016
We have had the most amazing two nights here. Love everything about this place. Definitely be back.
Talia & Danny Northam WA

November 2016
Beautiful Place Relaxing views, warm fire, comfortable bed, lovely owner’s spa… A great surprise trip away with the bf. Couldn’t feel anymore refreshed. Def be back, sad to leave. Thank you for the lovely stay,
Nicole & Matt, Perth.

November 2016
A lovely peaceful place. We enjoyed the calming location and the spa was a beautiful touch. Thankyou!!

November 2016
Great location, great people, service 4*. I love the birds & surrounds of the nature, we’ll come back for sure. Thanks!!
Elise & Fred, Busselton

22 November 2016
On the road for a few days to explore a little more of the South West. First time to Nannup and first time to this beautiful spot. A great way to unwind and catch our breath, keep doing what you are doing here. We have both enjoyed our quick stay. Ciao
Sam & Francesca, (Tasmania & Italy)

18 November 2016
What a beautiful and special place. So relaxing to be surrounded by so much nature. Sat in the spa without the lights and jets and just watched the stars and listened to nature…bliss!
Sam & Simon

15th November 2016
Simply delightful. Loved the spa! Such a peaceful getaway. Thanks Andrew.
Anne & Mike, City Beach, WA

14 November 2016
We really liked our stay in your cottage. Surrounded by nature and its noises does relax you. The guys did great with welcome and hospitality while mum was in Adelaide. Thanks
Laurie & Dirk, Netherlands (last stay during 4 weeks in WA)

4 November 2016
Daniel & Jessica were here! x
Guilford, WA

10 October 2016
Thankyou for your hospitality and for a wonderful stay, really liked the walk up to the falls.
Ralph & Joanna

7th October 2016
A perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. Beautiful views and very friendly people.
No name

6 October 2016
Very relaxing, had a visit from a bat upstairs... Waterfall is lovely.... Our second visit was just as good as our first. Looking forward to coming back again.
Kev & Trish Duxbury, Sth Yunderup

6 October 2016
Thank you for a lovely stay amazing way to relax & enjoy nature & each other. We will return & tell our friends.
Rhonda & Kevin, Bunbury

5 October 2016
We had such a wonderful stayand was exactly what we needed for our honeymoon. So peaceful & such a beautiful location, we will return. First duty of my husband was that I made him carefully remove the friendly micro bat that flew into our room.
Many Thanks.
Caroline, C & M Zak – Bennett Springs

2 October 2016
OMG How come we’ve only just found you? Will be back soon and thank you for a peaceful rest.
Jack & Chris, Busselton

2nd October 2016
Our second visit, a really great place to relax and recharge. We will look forward to our 3rd. Terry & Diane

30 September 2016
A nice little cabin to reflect on nature. The walk up to the falls was lovely too. Thank you. Di & Steve, Karnup, WA

29 September 2016
Enjoyed the tree change. Loved the hot tub on the balcony watching the micro bats catching insects. The walk up the hill to Beyonderup Falls was challenging but well worth the view. A lovely stay. Thank you.
Nicky & Corey, Mandurah

27 September 2016
A wonderful 2 days! How’s the serenity? Felt amazing to sit back in the spa & absorb mother nature.
Ryan & Juliana, Morley

25 September 2016
Great place to come and chill out away from Perth. Will come back again that’s for sure. Definitely do not want to go back to the city. See you soon.
Alan & Wendy, Morley

25 September 2016
We loved our stay here at this gorgeous little cottage. All we needed for a cozy weekend getaway. We especially loved the wood fire and the outdoor spa. And the peace and serenity here is so nice. Thank you.
Chris & Vicki, Craigie

23rd Sept 2016
Perfect getaway for Antony’s 30th birthday. Just what we wanted. Thankyou!!
Catherine & Antony, Perth, WA

21 September 2016
Had a wonderful stay, so peaceful, so relaxing. Thank you
Paula & Rob

21st September 2016
Great view friendly service lovely wood fire place nice to relax in the spa and peaceful and quiet. Have to visit again thankyou!
Dom and Tarnee, Mandurah, WA

19 September 2016
Excellent cottage amazing to get away to this view. Spa on the balcony is amazing. Will recommend and return.
Kat & Simon Blight Dianella, WA

16 September 2016
Fantastic way to spend our 5th wedding anniversary! Beautiful little cottage, lovely surrounds, great to get away, will definitely be back,.
Adam & Nicole, Ashby

15 September 2016
When you have the chance to get away this is the place to come and relax. This is our 9th time here and we still enjoy it as much as the first time. Be back next year. Thanks Guys.
Harry & Lorna, High Wycombe

13 September 2016
Back again for a second time great to relax and unwind and the sex wasn’t bad either Haha
Danny & Belinda, Coolbellup

12 September 2016
4 Days of total relaxation. Barry & Brian, Hillary’s, WA

11 September 2016
Perfect – Thankyou.
Darragh & Anita Lynch, Fremantle

10 September 2016
Had a lovely peaceful time. Water fall is amazing so go if you are reading this & still have time. Yea – super lovely, Andrew is really kind & respectful, the frogs & the bats & the cockatoos today all made this really special place. Thanks
No Name

9 September 2016
A wonderful place to just getaway and chillax! Lucky to be here as spring broke and see the excitement amongst the many and varied birds. Our second visit. The spa spectacular again, looking forward to our next visit. Thankyou Andrew for your kindness helping with the car.
Syd & Delia, Success

5 September 2016
Had a lovely long extended weekend, everything as expected “perfect” Weather great, food and wine great, hopefully will return.
Pete & Karen

7 September 2016
Thankyou both for giving us a beautiful place to de-stress and charge our batteries.  A truly hidden gem. From sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine or upstairs with a cuppa overlooking the beautiful surroundings, nature at its best. A spa to relax in, a log fire inside keeping us snug & warm. The special luxury touches that you did to make our stay special, thank you. Till next time best wishes.
 Cathy & Kevin, Kallaroo

4 September 2016
A  Fantastic and very private time for my wonderful partners 30th. Thank you.
Kiah & Luke

2 September 2016
Thank you for a wonderful weekend away for Jay’s birthday. Our favourite parts were sipping wine in the spa & cooking marron on the outback fire. We will be back.
Jessica & Jay Tuart Hill, Perth

29 August 2016
We had a very relaxing stay, Chalet was warm & inviting with a cosy charm. Everything we needed was supplied. The view was beautiful, next visit we will stay longer. Thanks Andrew.
Bill & Maddy, Perth WA

19 August 2016
A beautiful location & everything you could want & need for a relaxing getaway. We had a great time & hope to be back again. Thankyou Andrew & Chief.
Jo & Murray, Carine

17 August 2016
Great place. Relaxing. Saw the white goat (R U Kidding)!
Sue & Bruce

14 August 2016
Dear Antoinette & Andrew. Thankyou both for a wonderful stay at your heavenly place on earth.“Beyonderup Falls” a beautiful place in paradise.
Lorraine & Alan Langer- Floreat Park

14 August 2016
First time here. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay, very relaxing, everything you need is here. Andrew is a terrific host. Thankyou.
Marree & Tony Bennett

9 August 2016
Thank you for a very nice break. Although the weather was cold and wet, you made up for it with the log fire, great bed and the spa. Thanks again
Tonya & Dennis, Waikiki

7 August 2016
This place is absolute magic! We have enjoyed every moment of our stay in chalet no.3. We will be back for our anniversary next year!Thankyou!

7 August 2016
Lovely relaxing 3 day stay. Great hot tub and fantastic log fire. Enjoyed the wildlife, everything you could want. Thanks Andrew for making us welcome! Will come again.
Terrina& Kevin,Jindalee, Perth, WA

5 August 2016
Been coming here for a number of year snow. First time seen Emu down by the River, baby rabbits around the chalet. Only a short stay this time but just as relaxing. Thanks Andrew!!
Harry & Lorna, High Wycombe, Perth

4 August 2016
A perfect place to “chill out” after a stressful & rough few months. The spa was just great. The bush in the rain was “postcard perfect”. It fulfilled a dream we had of being in a cabin in the middle of a Nannup forest!
Janice & Trevor Hayes, Darling Downs WA

3 August 2016
Amazing, a much needed getaway. It’s a beautiful place we enjoyed every moment. Exactly what we needed. Highly recommend the breaky hamper wow!!Will be back for sure,spa on the outside “just perfect”, thanks very much.
Annmarie & Ivan

1 August 2016
Another awesome 3 nights of relaxation. Will B Back.
Tezza& Sal, Cammilo

29 July 2016
Awesome hideaway, amazing time, beautiful view. Chalet lovely & spa made it evenmore special. Look forward to coming back J
Anthony & Colleen

29 July 2016
Absolutely loved our stay and will definitely be back. Falls were beautiful at sunset and the homemade ice cream is to die for! Thankyou very much.
Gordie& Kaitlin, Perth

28 July 2016
A little piece of paradise. So beautiful and relaxing. The wildlife kept us entertained with many & varied visitors. The spa was fabulous. Particularly enjoyed a thunderstormand strong winds from our warm sheltered tub.Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The falls are well worth the trek.
Syd & Delia Anthony, Success, WA

26 July 2016
Just what we needed a relaxing couple of days away. This place is truly beautiful!! The birdlife, walks, views, wood fire & spa….Heaven!! Will definitely be back. Thankyou for sharing with us……I don’t want to go home!
Denis & Katrina Brown, Bunbury

25 July 2016
First time here and what a beautiful couple of days! The cottage was so homely with the fire place. Love the stunning views and spent hours in the hot tub. Definitely recommend a walk up to the falls it’s worth the hike. Thank you…
Jacinta & Daniel

24 July 2016
Great spot, great chalet, had a peaceful time checking out the scenery and & chilling out.
Gazza & Trace, Shoalwater, Rocko (Yeah, Trace is a bogan)

21 July 2016
An amazing time had, spent relaxing with my partner. Amazing views and scenery. Will be back for sure and recommending to our friends. Thank you.
Felicity and Emma xx Bunbury J

17 July 2016
Amazing again! Absolutely wonderful. Such an idyllic place, our own little world away from everything. Wish we could come every weekend. Will definitely be back next year if not sooner.
Tony & Gail – Perth

15 July 2016
Thank you!! This is just what we needed to get away from it all, and get back to nature. Thank you for a clean, quiet, thoughtful and welcoming stay. We look forward to returning again to see what it’s like in the summer. For winter, the hot tub, fireplace, waterfall and forest environment was divine. Thank you again for everything.
Lara & David Wanneroo

15 July 2016
We like it here. Its private, secluded home away from home where you can relax without interruptions.
Alice & Sam Perth WA

13 July 2016
What a beautiful way to get back to nature. Enjoying a blissful walk up to the falls and was blown away by the majesty of this land. Peace, love and music
Nicola & Ray (Swan Valley, Perth)

11 July 2016
This is exactly what the doctor ordered. A complete getaway- feeling renewed, energised and at peace. Everything was perfect- the spa, the fire, the tranquillity. This place is a hidden gem – thank you. Carole & Mark, Perth

10 July 2016
Amazing relaxing breakaway. Quiet, tranquil and lovely to get back in touch with nature. The wood fire & spa just topped off the wonderful break. Owners are great and typify the WA country persona. Looking forward to our next break here as will our friends we tell about it. Thanks.
Julian & Kylie Broomfield, Yokine Perth WA

9 July 2016
Exactly what was needed, beautiful location with everything you need. Thank you for the warm welcome and keeping the wood box full, we needed it.
Julie & Darryl, North Coogee

Andrew & Antoinette Barrett
Balingup Road, Nannup, WA, 6275
Phone- 97560617

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